Mims for Pope:
Help a Brotha Help You Out!

I should be the next pope and you should support me. It’s about time that an African- American be named to the highest position within the Catholic Community. I’m not Catholic, but neither was Jesus and look what a fine Catholic he turned out to be. I am good at forgiving people, love Italian food and I look good in a robe.

I don’t like little boys so no need to worry about a big scandal. And everyone seems to worry about me and the abstinence clause. The better part of abstinence is discretion. If I am unable to fully give up sex, I will at least be discreet. And if I do get caught, the chick will be hot. No one wants to follow a religious leader with bad taste in women.

It is clear to me that the sole purpose of my first 40 years of existence has been to prepare me for the next phase of my life which is clearly the Papalcy. If not me, then who? So all you good little Catholic boys and girls, send a twitter message to your Congressman, your Bishop, and say a prayer that the next Pope is not some aging Caucasian dying man, but a vibrant young Black man…..Mims for Pope!